Paris haul

Hi Guys,
I went to Paris with my mum and the trip turned out to be a lovely break! I did do some shopping there and would like to to show you guys what I got. I don’t mean to brag about how much stuff I got but thought it might give you some ideas 🙂
First of all, I bought some amazing cosmetics! We went to one of those amazing French pharmacies on the first day. There is so much stuff in there that you could literally spend a couple of hours just browsing. And the stuff is cheaper then in the Uk! So I got two cans of Avene thermal water (300 ml each). It’s great for cleansing your skin after all day wearing make-up and for refreshing your face on hot summer days. I also got Normaderm deep purifying gel which is amazing if you have problems with blemishes. I also got 2 Vichy roll antiperspirants which are wonderful and I use them regularly.
I also went into this huge MAC shop on Rue de Rivoli and got my first MAC products and I have to tell you they are AMAZING. First is the highlighter in the lightest shade possible and cream blusher. Also the lady in there was very helpful and I am very satisfied with this purchase. MAC stuff is a bit pricey but definitely worth it!
MAC cosmetics
Also we went to this really cool area of Paris called Le Marais, which is full of shops if you want to get something unique!  There was a market on and I got a pair of these wonderful handmade earrings. They were really cheap as well. They are made with this material that doesn’t cause allergic reactions so I am 100% happy with them. In one of the back alleys I got a very pretty green leather purse with loads of different compartments inside.
My next buy is a Lancôme eau de perfum  called ‘La vie est belle’. Oh God , it is such an amazing smell. I got it in the Galleries Lafayette, and paid for it around £15-£20 cheaper then I would in Boots in the UK 🙂 Ingredients: Iris Pallida, Jasmin, Orange Blossom, Patchouli…
La vie est belle by   Lancôme
We also ended up in Yves Rocher store on Champs Elysées and I bought this gorgeous smelling raspberry lipstick which gives you a nice raspberry colour 🙂
Yves Rocher
My next buy is this jewellery hanger, which I bought for like 5 euros if not cheaper but think it is quite nice and unique
Jewellery hanger
Nearby Sacre Coeur I got this lovely scarf for 5 euros which is a bargain! Love the colours!
A bit of clothing below:
• Skirt for 2 euros ha bargain! In a cheap shop called SYMPA at Montmartre, and they say Paris is very expensive hey ? 🙂
Skirt by Camaïeu
• Solaris sunglasses
• Black pumps from a shoe shop called Minelli, they will go with almost anything (100% leather)
Black pumps
• Spring/autumn coat from Gap
GAP coat
 • and this lovely vintage dress from a second hand shop
• needed a big handbag so bought this lovely ALDO bag
ALDO bag

And a scarf from Galleries Lafayette

And last but not least this lovely Verbena tea which has a lot of health benefits and some of them are listed below. This tea is traditionally used in France.
  1. Digestive aid
  2. Low in calories
  3. Boosts the immune system
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    1. Hi Mary, thanks for your comment. yes, Paris is a great place for shopping!. I love French cosmetics, they are really efficient and work magic! Second hand shops in Paris are quite a few and have very unique , quirky vintage clothes! Regards Aleks 🙂

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