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5 benefits of drinking warm water with lemon

Hi folks!

Do you want to know the secret to healthy body ? Read on!
I love taking care of my body that is why I drink water with lemon first thing in the morning. Why have I made it a habit ? Because lemon has tremendous benefits !


Here are some :

1. Glowing skin
I bet almost every women would like a youthful and glowing skin , why? Because it makes you attractive and it’s an indication of good health! Yes, lemon  is full of Vit C and Vit C = bright and glowing face 🙂 if you drink it every day you will see the difference in no time! Why not make it a habit and drink a cup every morning with your breakfast?

2. Keep that bloody cold away
People hate colds and flu! Why?, because it’s annoying having to blow your nose every 5 minutes! When my nose is blocked my face is all swollen and puffy! That does not look nice! Drinking water with lemon will boost your immune system and your body will be more likely to fight infections!

3. Digestive track
Do you want to combat that bloating you have when sitting at your desk at work for 8 hours? How much stress has that bloated belly caused you ? It affects your mental health? Lemon combined with warm water (not hot, you don’t want to kill that precious Vit C) can relieve that balloon you have ! Have you just had guests over, prepared loads of delicious food and overeaten and feel bloated and unwell, why not have a  cup of water with fresh lemon? Just squeeze a 1/2 of lemon into warm water an voilà!

I will  tell you a story, I have just came back from my Easter holidays. My parents obviously prepared a tone of food and I didn’t want to be rude and I accidently had a bit too much. After dinner, on Easter Sunday, I went to church with my mum and during the mass I suddenly went pale and felt like I was going to be sick any second! I immediately run back home, had two cups of warm lemon water and I have to tell you it really worked magic on my overloaded belly!

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4. Removes toxins and cleanses
Warm water combined with lemon will encourage your liver to produce more enzymes and that will help the toxins and that harmful stuff to leave your body. By removing toxins from your body you can prevent yourself from many diseases including cancer.It keeps your colon healthy and makes your bowel movements regular. Did you know that the build up of toxins can cause you to feel tired and depressed?

4. It  will keep you happy  and energised
If you don’t really like getting up early in the morning drink some water with lemon on an empty stomach to energise your body for the whole day ahead. It is a mood booster! Add a little honey to make it a bit sweeter!


Why not swap a morning coffee for a cup of warm lemon water? It has less calories and can help you shed those few pounds here and there! Also, lemons are known to contain high content of potassium which is known to combat depression!

Remember water with lemon is a cheap drink that has a lot of benefits for your body! So bottoms up!

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