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Reasons you should start drinking milkshakes!

Hello lovely people 🙂

What are milkshakes?

Milkshakes are often made by mixing cow’s milk and fruit (strawberries, bananas, mango etc) however I tend to replace cow’s milk with plant alternatives. My personal preference is rice milk because of its slightly sweet taste. I would also recommend replacing it with hemp or soya milk. To prepare cocktails I choose products that contain a lot of vitamin C e.g. blackcurrants , strawberries , raspberries or blueberries.


Milkshakes are ideal drink for the summer! The bigger the variety of fruit in your shake the more nutritious it will be! Vitamins in the fruit will support the proper functioning of your body e.g. bananas and pears contain a lot of potassium, which regulates the heart.

You can be very creative whilst preparing them, add different combinations  of fruit and different kind of milk every time! I never get bored when preparing my shakes!

Today I made a very simple shake using organic strawberries and soya milk. Just blended both together in a liquidiser and voilà! Simple, filling and healthy, ideal to have as breakfast or as a mid morning ‘snack’ 🙂


If you like it sweet why don’t you add a bit of honey?! Banana is also a good addition to shakes made with fruits that are a be sour e.g raspberries or blackcurrants.

Please let me know if you make milkshakes yourself and if so what are your favourite combinations? 🙂 Also, look out for my next post containing some excellent milkshake recipes!

Until next time!


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